Friday, 28 November 2014

Investment Aims and Philosophy

I am a young investor and have been trading and investing since 2009 - so obviously the great financial rescession has weighed on my investment decisions and my thought process. It has kept me out of parts of the bull market since then as I was influenced by calls for double dip recessions etc.

This instrablog is meant to track my investments and my investment decisions and methodology. This will hopefully make me a more disciplined investor.

This post is to outline my investment / trading philosophy / target investment process. I expect to review this every year or two.

1) Macro Overview and Trends
  • Gauge where we are in the economic cycle - particularly for the major economies in the world.
  • Identify macro trends.
  • Identify key technical trends - to go hand in hand with the above 2 points.
2) Targeted and Concentrated Stakes
  • Identify situations / sectors which offer superior risk to reward.
  • Build concentrated portfolios.
3) Build Income Portfolio
  • Income investments to comprise 20-40% of the portfolio.
  • Focus on dividend growth stocks.
I intend to expand on these ideas as I post updates.

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